Rode’s first earphones are the creator-focused NTH-100

You could be mistaken with regard to thinking Rode already produced headphones. Plus thats ok, it feels such as something the business would currently be carrying out. Yet, right here we are with all the first fixed from the Aussie brand, the particular NTH-100. The particular $150 over-ear headphones has been a long time arriving, but if youve been pursuing the company during the last couple of years, youll know the making a mindful effort in order to dominate the podcast plus streaming globe, and that is who these types of headphones are usually aimed at.

At a look, the NTH-100 seem fairly straightforward. A good all-black set of studio earphones with no Wireless bluetooth or sound cancellation extras. Just a comfy set of ” cable ” cans made for home facilities use. As well as for the most component, thats precisely what they are, yet Rode offers tried to include enough information here to help make them be noticeable in an or else busy portion.

Rode says that the motorists in the NTH-100 have been created for accurate rate of recurrence response that makes sense in case you are pitching these types of to streamers and makers. They certainly do not sound excessively loaded in the lower end as well as the mid-highs do not artificially stick out which can frequently be the situation in this type.

In reality, the NTH-100 sound amazingly neutral. I had been expecting these to be measured toward some thing, but they do not seem to be performing much towards the source materials at all. Ive worn all of them for many methods from Zoom phone calls to Podcasting recording as well as endless songs listening and so they serve each one of these purposes nicely. I especially like all of them for supervising. Im unsure why, yet my boring voice appears to be accurately boring when I pay attention through these types of and I value their credibility (it enables me to higher spice up at the modify stage, that is the whole point).

A very handsome man is pictured wearing the Rode NTH-100 headphones.

James Trew / Engadget

They also arent distracting to check out and that is no poor thing. Club the small round gold Rode logo the only real other visual detail could be the overly huge debossed to the side of every matte earcup (in gloss). Its a tad too large pertaining to my flavor and seems a little noticeable in an or else understated style but provided its furthermore black this doesnt ruin their prudent look a lot of.

Neutral plus discreet can be cool and everything but certainly theres just a little seasoning right here to make all of them interesting? Plus there is, mainly in their convenience. The Alcantara covering to the earpads seems luxurious, nevertheless the CoolTech gel beneath that is the actual treat. Rode states this makes them chillier on the hearing and thus decreases wearing exhaustion. I was suspicious, but when I actually put them on they will really do really feel noticeably cold and that the big difference. Provided these are targeted at editors, makers and streamers its possible youll become wearing all of them for longer extends so information like this can produce a difference.

Likewise, a clever fine detail called FitLock removes the necessity to adjust all of them every time putting them upon. Once you have all of them set perfect, theres the locking cut that will avoid them through accidentally re-adjusting them each time you manage them. This actually required a little bit to obtain used to the concept I might not need to check if they happen to be positioned correct every time We put them on.

Given that youll likely be putting on these in a desk, Rode saw match to make sure you are able to attach the particular cable upon either aspect. Its a little detail, yet one that can easily induce customers remorse if you need to decide among reorganizing your own desk to get your sound interface on the other hand or coping with awkward wire spaghetti.

Rode's NTH-100 headphones are pictured alongside a Rode podcasting microphone.

James Trew and Engadget

Whats much less of a shock is that Rode has developed the NTH-100 to slot machine right into the existing originator ecosystem. In case you own the Rodecaster Pro or make use of Rode Connect or maybe simply bought the particular Colors item for your NT-USB Mini youll know that the business is focusing a lot of usana products around multi-person podcasting plus streaming plus including vibrant ways to tag which mic (or headphones) belong to which usually audio approach and/or web host. The NTH-100 are the same with colour tags within the box.

If you want to consider that a phase further, or even merely wish to customize all of them a little therefore theyre not really entirely dark you will also have the ability to buy substitute cables within each of Rodes four brilliant chosen colours. Thats an additional spend although of course.

All in all regarding $150 almost everything feels absolutely more expensive. Your invisalign aligner material over the earcups may not be the most high-class, but the general build plus sound high quality should get them to an appealing selection for those searching for something comfy while getting several work performed.

The NTH-100 are available beginning today.

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