Record: Apple can be testing USB-C iPhone versions for 2023

Port Shuffle

European Union legislation could pressure Apple to help make the switch.


2021's iPhone 13 still uses Apple's proprietary Lightning port.

Enlarge / 2021’s apple iphone 13 nevertheless uses Apple’s proprietary Super port.

Apple is assessment iPhones apply the industry-standard USB-C interface, according to the report within Bloomberg citing people with understanding of the situation.

Since 2012, Apple’s smartphones used the company’s amazing Lightning connection. But recently, the somewhat larger USB-C port is at a dominate electronic devices, including the majority of Apple’s various other products. Customers, reviewers, and also government government bodies have required Apple shed Lightning in support of USB-C recently.

This provides led Apple company to a challenging spot, along with three feasible paths ahead, each which includes significant disadvantages.

On a singke hand, the company can stick with Lightningthat would mean that will customers with been using the apple iphone for a while more than likely have to purchase new connectors, wires, or even chargers. Apple’s ecosystem associated with accessory-makers didn’t have to return to the sketching board to produce updated items for the brand new connection.

On the other, Apple company could in order to USB-C, producing the iPhone perform more properly with other devices, including the Mac pc. But that will move can trigger customer confusion plus chaos amongst accessory-makers. It will also release Apple’s control of the user encounter.

The third choice would be to move all-wireless, yet wireless contacts usually no longer transmit energy or information as quickly or even efficiently.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Apple company is positively testing the 2nd optionswitching in order to USB-Cin simply no small component because the Eu appears to be continuing to move forward with a regulation that would need companies which make “mobile mobile phones, tablets, cameras, headphones plus headsets, portable video-game games consoles and transportable speakers” in order to standardize close to USB-C.

The new legislation isn’t last yet, nevertheless prospects are excellent so far, also it would pressure Apple’s hands here. The particular sources do not get certain regardless of whether Apple can continue using its plan to in order to USB-C if the law eventually fall via.

That stated, the USB-C models Apple company is assessment right now aren’t targeting the 2022 releasethis year’s apple iphones will apparently still make use of Lightning. However the switch might happen as soon as 2023, according to the review.

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